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Kritisch probleem Cheap Oakley

Shell Sunglasses If you store for Cheap Oakley Sunglasses glasses or sunglasses you will find that you will find low-cost frames and you can find far more costly varieties. The costlier versions generally characteristic glitzy rhinestones, metallic trim, as well as other particular characteristics. But when you purchase the cheaper version of glasses or sunglasses, you are going to still have the more remarkable eye put on. All you've got to complete is upscale the low cost glasses and make your own designer specs. Any individual can get it done; it is possible to have just the look you desire for any buck if that, and you'll conserve way greater than that more than the designer sunglasses. There are several beautiful components you can choose from whenever you upscale the glasses. The tiniest of seashells are a single good decision; they appear fantastic across the leading, front in the glasses. Yet another choice for offering the glasses a designer look is rhinestones. They're obtainable in many sizes, from so small, to coinsize. Additionally they are available in every single color, like silver, gold, blue, red, and green. Purchase a few of the small ones in one color or numerous for one particular design; get large rhinestones for any distinct glasses redo. As opposed to shells or rhinestones you could also use glitter, plastic confetti, small beads, or tiny, doll buttons. After determining about the accents that you simply wish to include towards the sunglasses, apply any quickdry adhesive, that's suitable for use on plastic, or metal, based on the type of glasses that you just have. Apply the glue throughout the prime, front in the glasses, over the lenses. Just before placing the glue about the glasses, spread the shells, rhinestones, or other materials, out on the disposable plate. Apply the glue, and dip the location in the supplies. It is most likely planning to be required to dip as soon as, allow to dry, apply glue to bare places, and dip yet again. Do that till you have an even search throughout the front in the glasses. Rather than applying the resources for the front of the glasses, it is possible to mount just one shell, or rhinestone, within the side of the glasses. At the side from the eye, right beside the lens, apply the adhesive and mount the material you need. It's receiving so that sunglasses by using a designer search are costing a huge selection of bucks. That is crazy when all you might have to do is glue on a number of embellishments to possess a comparable look. It is going to seem like you're purchasing at designer stores while all of your friends are receiving by on sunglasses in the local, price reduction division retailer. Customs, but the FDA also. The widespread utilization of computers within the workplace has changed all thatMiley Cyrus Now Sporting GlassesMiley Cyrus has debuted a whole new search glasses.

Kritisch probleem Cheap Oakley

Wearable engineering to become about the 'watch' for in 2012 But you shouldn't just be viewing for smartphones and tablets. Organizations like Sony and Nike are placing a lot of work into their wearable technologies, which could be something from a watch, to sunglasses, to speciallydesigned material in clothing. This video offers a taste in the kinds of wearable technologies hitting the marketplace and in advancement proper now: While organizations like WIMM are building their Androidbased units for use in the broad variety of items, wellknown tech makers like Sony are taking the technological innovation that exists within their smartphones and adapting it to work in wearable gadgets. At Mobile Planet Congress, Sony teased wrist watches that might talk with their handsets through Bluetooth, Telecom Asia reviews. Another growing discipline of wearable tech may be the integrated camera, that is gaining traction with each shoppers and experts. Earlier this month, police tech business Taser released new wearable police cameras, mounted on Oakley sunglasses. The Axon Flex camera records through the officer's level of see and saves the footage to a cloud storage technique. Naturally, the inevitable potential of wearable technologies is its integration into clothes. As the BBC reports, tech is exhibiting up in unusual spots. Londonbased CuteCircut is using conductive fabric to light up the runway and transmit hugs above huge distances Fake Oakley which, even though not exactly sensible, does showcase how far we've come with wearable technologies. Regardless of its use, Rich Redelfs of Basis Capital's comment in the AP video summarizes what will keep and what is going to be forgotten on this emerging marketplace: issue using a great deal of these factors is they are great gadgets, but coolness comes and goes. You need something that's sustainable. google_ad_section_end >

Groot probleem Vraagtekens in links laten nieuwe linkit editor crashen

Vraagtekens in links laten nieuwe linkit editor crashen

Klein probleem Doesn't show english (translated) events in upcomming block

The upcomming events block doesn't show the english (translated) events. This even though it's configured the same as the calender view. Maybe because it's a block and the selected language isn't forwared to the view in the block. 

Klein probleem Notice: Undefined index: #node in maxlength_form_alter() (line 188 of ...)

On the translation pages the following notice is shown in red:

  • Notice: Undefined index: #node in maxlength_form_alter() (line 188 of /home/vrijlab/domains/
  • Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in maxlength_form_alter() (line 188 of /home/vrijlab/domains/

I reported the issue in the Maxlength module issue que:

Try (preferably separately) the dev version, see:

Klein probleem Calendar: show whole all day events

In the calender the all-day / multiday events / events without end are displayed with a weird height, so their content is cut of in a ugly way. 
We should eighter show only one line of show everything. 

Klein probleem Improve autosuggest

Wanneer je, bij bijv. het present veld van een Evenement niet de suggestie aanklikt wordt je input genegeerd of krijg je een error. Wanneer je de username uittypt (zonder het nummer van de node te vermelden) zou dat al genoeg moeten zijn. 

Autocomplete widget improvements

Seperate module that might fix it:

Autocomplete Deluxe for References
Autocomplete Deluxe
(Compatability with Entity References)

Klein probleem De nederlandse vertalingen van FabPublication (vaardigheid en materiaal) omschrijvingen worden niet getoond

Ik heb de omschrijvingen van FabPublication - vaardigheid en FabPublication - materiaal vertaal naar nederlands. Maar deze worden niet getoont op de "add content" pagina. Terwijl dit wel lukt met de Fabpublication - design. 

Klein probleem Strange language behaviour

block does not seem to handle users language selection correct.




Klein probleem Error in preview of fabpublication

Error in preview of fabpublication


  • Notice: Undefined index: alt in theme_image_formatter() (regel 580 van /home/vrijlab/domains/
  • Notice: Undefined index: title in theme_image_formatter() (regel 589 van /home/vrijlab/domains/
  • Notice: Undefined index: alt in theme_image_formatter() (regel 580 van /home/vrijlab/domains/
  • Notice: Undefined index: title in theme_image_formatter() (regel 589 van /home/vrijlab/domains/
Extra functionaliteit Check meeting scheduler

Check the Doodle like potencial of the following module.

Extra functionaliteit Auto save

Auto save content while editing


Extra functionaliteit crop tool for images

Voor 'human friendly' plaatjes toevoegen...

Extra functionaliteit Event registration

Check event registration possibiliities.

Extra functionaliteit Content uit een lijst kunnen selecteren om naar toe te kunnen linken.

Content uit een lijst kunnen selecteren om naar toe te kunnen linken. De volgende module maakt dit mogelijk met de Linkit module die nu al geinstalleerd is, hij is alleen nu nog niet compatible met de laatste versie. Zaak om dit later nog eens te checken.

Extra functionaliteit Redesign & re-theme website

The website could use a visual redesign.

The current theme can be complicated to adjust. It's based on Omega, which means it's html5, and the website adjusts to the size of your screen. It for example puts everything under eachother on a mobile screen.

It might be interesting to look at other, simpler base themes. Possibly Adaptive theme? Would be interesting to do some research on.

Extra functionaliteit tijd aangeven in open inloop kalender

Is het mogelijk om een soort tijdschema in te vullen waardoor het overzichtelijk is wie welke uren aanwezig kan zijn. Dan is het ook duidelijker voor mensen die het rooster beheren wanneer extra personen nodig zijn...


Extra functionaliteit Redirect to language according to location (ip)

Use the following module to redirect anonoumous visitors to a language according to their location (according to their ip).

Might be better (& easier) than switching default language.

Extra functionaliteit Ability to place images full with center / left / right etc

In content like pages it would be nice to have some more options to place images. Maybe use image styles and soms css for this. 


  • Page wide
  • Small left
  • Small right


Extra functionaliteit FabPublications embedable

Een mooie manier om te verwijzen naar Fabpublications of deze te embedden (in een website te integreren). 

Bijv met een kleine versie van de hoofdafbeelding, de titel eroverheen en een standaart "Fabpublication bij Fablab Amersfoort". 

Een beetje zoals je vimeo en youtube filmpjes kan embedden.